Cranial Laser and Neurolymphatic Release Technique (CLNRT)
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Dr. Hall demonstrates CLNRT Technique

A Look Back On 2007

by: Andrew K. Hall, D.C.

Whew! I get tired just reflecting back over the last year. We have been busy!

The first part of the year, the practice continued to be busy and I continued to credential doctors in the use of Class IV lasers. I also began to work on the first of two treatment manuals that I want to write.

The spring brought much of the same. In May, I went to the NAALT (North American Association of Laser Therapy) conference in Tucson, AZ. We were rewarded with the opportunity to learn from some of the top therapeutic laser experts in the world. I also met Nicolas Wise, D.C. He was a speaker that talked about using a laser on the neurovascular release points on the head. (Huh?) He called it CLRT. Anyway, that started my wheels turning!

I began to blend this new technique of CLRT with an older established technique of neurolymphatic release. The system of CLNRT began. The 1st manual begins in its infancy. Every patient responded! I have done a case study involving 269 patients — the results = AMAZING! (You'll have to check them out on my website.)

The summer was productive as we continued to have an over-flowing practice. We had the opportunity to treat some professional athletes, credential more doctors, continue working on the manual, and I began to speak at Dr. Lenny Cocco's continuing education seminars regarding Class IV Lasers and the system of CLNRT.

The fall was just as productive with the same scenario, but in November, I attended the WALT (World Association of Laser Therapy) Conference in Florence, Italy. What an incredible experience! There is too much to go into detail here, but I will expound on this event elsewhere on my website.

December brought more of the same: Talks at Dr. Cocco's seminars, a demanding practice, (even treating Phil Coke, a pitcher for the New York Yankees), and continued work on the CLNRT manual. This is more grueling than I originally thought! Christmas was wonderful; it's terrific to have such a large, loving and supportive family! I also learned not to make leftover turkey sandwiches several days after Christmas. Ugg. I won't go into details. I am recovered!

January 2008

The manual is COMPLETE! CLNRT is born! What a great way to start off the New Year!

Dr. Andy Hall