Cranial Laser and Neurolymphatic Release Technique (CLNRT)
Cranial Laser and Neurolymphatic Release Technique (CLNRT)Palmer College of Chiropractic
Palmer GraduateMember of North American Association for Laser Therapy
Member of North American Association for Laser Therapy

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Do you suffer from:

Start Living Stress-Free and Pain-Free!

Tell your practitioner you are interested in Aura PTL II Clinical Program ... and start being SMART about managing you health!

How It Works

The Aura PTL II Clinical Program integrates the best practices of the follow modalities:

Laser Therapy:

Light applied on the body at specific points by a laser has been clinically proven to have powerful healing effects. When light is introduced, it carries frequencies to the cells which communicate through the body to the brain, causing the release of natural chemicals which reduce stress and promote healing.

Acupoint Stimulation:

Acupoints are where peripheral nerves enter a muscle or where the nerve joins with bone. When they are stimulated, as with a laser, they activate the meridian or the body's energetic system to bring about relief and balancing and to promote healing.

Substance Specific Stress Reduction:

Stress is often caused by inappropriate neurological reaction to environmental triggers. The Aura PFL II incorporates targeted stress-inducing substances into the light therapy which serve to break these negative associations and painlessly eliminate the debilitating symptoms caused by this response cycle.

Our Therapeutic Process:

  1. A customised care plan, which includes low level light therapy, is Developed to address your most pressing concerns.
  2. Laser therapy sessions take less than ten minutes and typically consist of 3 to 10 visits.
  3. Creation of a maintenance program to ensure your long-term health and wellness gaols are reached and sustained.

Benefits of the Aura PTL II Program:

Searching for a Smarter Way to Manage Your Health?

Look no futher!

Our strategy is to provide you with the most comprehensive treatment program possible by integrating advanced holistic medicine with conventional care. This provides you with the hihgest chances of reaching your health goals.

Our holistic protocols are indivdualized to each case and condition. Thay are all natural and noninvasive, requiring non needles or dietary restrictions ... and therefore, no pain.

We are proud to offer the Aura PTL II Clinical Program.