Cranial Laser and Neurolymphatic Release Technique (CLNRT)
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Modesto Chiropractor Endorses Class IV Laser

Laser technician applies healing laser therapy.

Laser Tech. demonstrates the Class IV Laser

Thank you for introducing me to the Class IV Laser. I've been in practice since 1982 and my first experience with laser therapy was in 2006. I injured my right shoulder many years ago and wish that laser therapy would have been an option for treatment at that time.

After months of therapy and repeated cortisone injections I underwent surgery, impingement release, in 1991. For the next 6-months I felt I had made a mistake as the pain and impairment continued. Months of post surgery rehabilitation eventually paid off and I regained my ROM (range of motion) and most of my functional ability.

This last year I reaggravated my shoulder while free diving in April 2006. I experienced an increase in my level of pain with work, an inability to sleep on my right side, as well as pain with any overhead reaching. Any lifting with my arms extended was painful, affecting my professional and personal life.

I had heard that Dr. Hall had a laser and wanted to see if it could help me. I felt better after only three treatments and after five I was completely sold. My shoulder was feeling much better and I wanted to have this available for my patients.

Over the last few months I've had the opportunity to apply this technology to several different conditions. Most of them were of neuromusculoskeletal in origin. Some were acute and others were chronic. Several have experienced incredible results. Other patients have noted good improvement in the pain level and functional abilities. No one has experienced any negative affects.

I am excited to offer Class IV Laser therapy to my patients. It will open doors to treat conditions which may have been questionable to take on in the past. Thanks again.

Ronald J. Mostowski, D.C.

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